Welcome to the craziness....

Monday, May 21, 2012

55 mph in a 25

No, no, no...

I did not get arrested for doing 55 in a 25.

(Although those 25 mph streets are tricky. It is very difficult to go 25 mph. It feels as if we are crawling. I still remember the days when there were no neighborhoods with 25mph speed limit...and we played in the streets until the street lights came on...and we didn't have cell phones...and Wii's...and ipads/touches/iwhathaveyas...we didn't sanitize the shopping cart...we walked up hill to school both ways...)

However, I feel like that is the pace at which life is moving at the moment. 

School is almost over.

There are classroom parties galore!

Teacher gifts to buy...

Thank you notes to send (for a birthday that so far, was only a little over a week ago...we aren't late. Yet.)

Caps and gowns to iron! (who knew you did caps and gowns in kindergarten!!?)

(A few more) school snacks to pack.

Permission slips to sign for last day of school activities...Bouncey things at school for one kid...remote location for the other kid. Or was that the other way around?


Signing up for summer camps.

Lunch dates, play dates, and date nights.

Birthday parties, End of Year parties, and parties just to have parties... 

The calendar is jam packed.


The year has flown by...and it's probably because even though this week seems crazy...they really ALL are!

The older the kids get the more involved they are and the more places they have to be.

And of course there are always dentist appointments, doctor appointments (which reminds me we need to make a few of those), haircuts, and such.

It never ends.

And I want to hit the brakes.

Because when life gets crazy it goes fast.

And when it goes fast you turn around and your kid is graduating from kindergarten. 

And when your kid graduates from kindergarten it means first grade is coming up.

And first grade to me signifies the "real beginning of school".

And that only means that life is about to move at warp speed.

And I do not like warp speed because that is just entirely TOO FAST.

Therefore, I need a pause button.

Which I know is terribly impractical.

And honestly, sometimes I really feel like it is me hitting the "fast forward"...
Hurry up.
We gotta be here.
We can't be late.
And next we have to go here.
And then we need to do this.
And come on.
Hurry up.

My husband's friend Ashley co-wrote a song for Trace Adkins entitled "You're Gonna Miss This". 

And I try and remind myself to "live in the moment"...don't rush through life's stages...you don't always have to be looking forward to when they will walk, when they will talk, when they will start school, when they will pack their own lunch, when they will get up and fix their own breakfast....when they will drive, when they will start dating (although that one I can DEFINITELY wait on), when they will graduate...

Because it is coming.

Sooner than I want.

They will not be little forever.

I need to remind myself of that.

And embrace...
And love...
And enjoy...

Every minute.
Of everyday.

As the lyrics of the song go...

Cause You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

The complete song and video:
Trace Adkin's "You're Gonna Miss This"