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Friday, December 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

So, I have clearly failed in the bloggy department lately. I am sure you are highly disappointed and you aren't sure what to do with all of your time now that you haven't had any riveting updates from yours truly...
Or perhaps what you are really thinking is, oh wow, I had forgotten about you, you never updated...you are yet a whisper in the wind to me...what's your name again?!?!
To tell you the truth I had thought many times about updating but things have been a bit CUH-razy 'round these parts.
You see, I want this blog to be fun, light, humorous snapshots at our daily life...
And I feel like lately those times are few and far between.
You see, around here we are under what we call the throws of parenting our very "spirited" 4 year-old daughter. She is testing us.
And I am afraid right now we are failing.
There are moments where I think to myself, you know if Steven Spielberg had needed someone to model Linda Blair after he should have come here.
Ok, I kid.
Sort of.
Seriously though, I have considered googling witch doctors, calling them up and having them come pull the evil spirits right out of this child...
Momma is at the end of her rope.
Barely hanging on.
By the little tiny frays you find at the end.
With two fingers.

In all seriousness though, I thought that about the blog.
You know, making it happy, and cheerful, and full of fun.
But then I realized, that's not real life.
No one's real life is all sunshine and roses.

However, my personality is that way and I despise the fact this is dragging me down...
So, after three cups of the most wonderful coffee this season, some time with Jesus, and some great advice from so many friends and family I have come to this conclusion...

This is life.

If it were easy then what kind of people would we be. You know what they say, whatever doesn't kill us will make us stronger.

So I look at it this way... If I live to tell about raising my sweet spirited child then I will most likely also be able to win the World Strong Woman competition. I'm not sure there even is a World Strong Woman competition...but I feel certain I could at least flip a few of those really large tractor tires.

So, I am going to keep praying, keep reading my Dr. Dobson, re-read my "Power of a Praying Parent", try to refrain from dangling her by her toes from the balcony (again, I kid. Sort of.), and just love on her as God instructed me to do. Because you know what, this parenting thing ain't easy, it ain't pretty, and there is no instruction book...
But there is one thing I know... He picked me to be her parent. He knew that I could handle it. And He knew that I would be tested. And most of all, I will always love her just like He loves me.

Ok....I wanted to end it right there...but y'all know I can't resist a little fun with the hubby. Many of you know about his love of keeping things...my nice way of saying, "yes, we will be on Hoarders one day"....

Well, I was straightening up the basement for the MIL to come in town a few weeks ago...
This basically consisted of moving all of his junk off her bed and into the closet and I came across this tee shirt.

I do not know why he has this still...
Who am I kidding...I don't know why he still has 99% of the stuff he still has.
But this shirt made me laugh.
I can see him wearing this while he plays hoops at whatever the cool place to play ball was in the small Kentucky town he grew up in...
I am certain it was worn with a very short pair of basketball shorts, some very tall socks, and some Air Jordans.
I will say this though.
The boy had moves.
Or at least that's what I hear.
He has since retired...two achilles tendon tears later...
The only league I am letting him play in now is the old man church league.
(I told him it was time to hang up the Air Jordans)

And with that I am off...I will try my best not to leave you in suspense for so long next time...
Have a happy weekend y'all!

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