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Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up, catching colds...but no catching snowflakes

Hey blog friends!
Long time, no see!
I sense a pattern here...
So sorry.

I blame it on the short people in the house.
They just don't get my "blogging career". They are always needing food, attention, nose pickin' and bottom wipin'...such demanding folks! ;)

Anyway, really not much going on here...

We were supposed to have snowmageddon 2012 here in our parts.
There is nary a flake on the ground.
That's a big surprise.
Much like my blogging career.

We all seem to have this cold/sinus funk thing going around.
Ya know, one of those annoying little things...
Stuffy nose, pounding head, sore throat...
Probably because we live in KY and one day it is 20 and the next it is 60.
But I assure you.
It never snows.

I know this is just riveting information folks.
You are probably on the edge of your seat.
You should stick around for later in the week when we discuss the politicization of climate change and polarization in the American public's views of global warming.

I kid.
Seriously, I do.

However, that does sound like the type of television the hubby watches at night.

Me? Gimmie the Real Housewives of (insert city). Now that is quality television at it's finest.
Some may say...why watch that?! It's trash! That's not reality!?!

Well, let me tell you something.
When you have been climbed on all day.
Puked on.
Sat on.
Had your food stolen.
Not gone to the bathroom by yourself in 6 years.

You just need a little comedy to unwind.

Speaking of quality television. Did y'all watch Whitney's funeral?
I had not planned on it. But out of curiosity I turned it on Saturday and was totally mesmerized.
The funny thing is, I thought I am not really gonna watch it, so I turned it on our tiny little box TV (did you all know those were still around!?!) in the kitchen.

I stood there watching in awe.
There was Jesus' name being mentioned on TV!
Praise and worship!
Moving stories about a little girl growing up in church...not the Whitney most of us saw and remember.

I sang Jesus Loves Me with Cece Winans y'all!
And she asked all of America to sing.
I pictured all of America sitting around their TV sets singing this age old classic. So cool!

You know that doesn't happen very often.

The Housewives pale in comparison to the quality television I saw on Saturday.

And the best part?

I have a friend who watched it.
And it has opened up a door for me to talk about Jesus with her.

I am still amazed.

Hope y'all enjoy this President's Day! I hear there are linens on sale at Macy's....

(I am going to leave you with Kevin Costner's speech from Whitney's funeral. If you didn't see it you should. It was very touching. Kevin Costner.)

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