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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day in which I went to the mall...with 5 kids. By myself.

So I just needed to pop an aspirin to write this post.
Not really.
But I could use a stiff drink.
And it's not even 2pm.

You might ask yourself, "Self, why on God's green earth would this woman go the mall...with 5 kids...on a day most of the public schools of the state are out of session?".

Well, yeah, I am asking myself the same thing.

I have a sister, a much younger one at that (my poor father), and I had promised her a shopping trip for her birthday.

I also have a son, who is 6 who I had promised could have his best big boy buddy over on his next day off school (today).

I also have an additional 4 year old and 16 month old myself.

Now I was never any good at math, but I am pretty certain that adds up to 5 crazy kids. And one even crazier momma.

On top of that I have noticed that all the surrounding counties have descended upon the Fayette mall...as in let's get our Christmas shopping on in the big city folks!

So needless to say, we tackled the food court, more specifically Chickfila... Then we moved on to Hollister.

Let's talk about Hollister for a moment shall we.

I thought I was dreading the day my daughter wants to shop at Justice. I think I have decided Hollister may be worse...
What's with that place!?! It's so dark. Yet so expensive.
You would think with the fact they don't turn any lights on it would be much cheaper. Look, you are saving on the electricity bill...therefore a mere tank top fit for a miniature size person should not be forty dollars!
And while I am on that subject...the xs there...I am pretty sure my 4 year-old could wear that now.
So see, not only are you dimming the lights and saving electricity, the clothes have a minuscule amount of fabric...

Anyhoo, I have a very responsible and respectable little sister...clearly she is being raised right because she picked out two very cute sweaters to add to her wardrobe.

Then we breezed through a couple more stores in search of the perfect scarf. Every girl needs one of those this season! ;)

We managed to only loose the big boys once.
(who knew it took 20 minutes for two boys to go the bathroom!!?!?)
(I seriously considered having them paged...)
(But alas, they came back to us...)

We wrapped up with the 5 for 5.95 cookie deal and all was right with the world.

Until I looked in the back on the way home and Jack was gnawing on a stale french fry...pretty sure that was from our Sonic drive-thru trip 3 days ago.

I need a nap.
In a bad way.
Today I was like Michelle Duggar, minus 14 children, and I'm not pregnant...and I am fairly certain she wouldn't wrap up the evening with a stiff drink.

On a side note...see the Hollister bag. Shame.
And evidently this one was "better" than the last one she got...where the boy was taking off his pants.
Oh my heavens.
I hope we can shop at Gymboree for many more years to come.
Think I can still put matching shoes, headband, & tights on her at 12?!
Who am I kidding.
I can't even get clothes on her at all these days.

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