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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dog Sitting

I'm sure all three of you are concerned by the title of this post.

I mean after all my last post involving a dog didn't end so great. No worries though. Happy endings here. (in more ways than one...ha)

So this week we have a little visitor at the 'ol homestead.

His name is Beau...and he belongs to Nana. Nana is gallivanting about the east coast while we tend to little "Beau-see-fuss" as we call him. 
(Don't worry Nana, it is all under control...)

However, it is apparent he misses her. 

A bunch.

Like so much he has resorted to some very naughty behavior...

Case in point:

Last night I was considering moving to a foreign country....er, watching the debate, and I hear Carter hollering rather urgently for me.

She and Jack were in her room getting their daily dose of screen time watching Netflix... Which reminds me, I am NOT one of those "screen time" Moms....so if your kids are coming over, just know we will be watching some TV in some form or fashion. I believe my children are excellent students because the little glowing screen has spent so many quality hours with them. No judging. 

Anyhoo, I headed to her room to see what all the commotion was about and it turns out she was upset that Beau was "scratching" (aka having "relations" with) her favorite blanket.

I quickly ushered him out of her room and told them to go back to watching their show. Nothing to see here kids...

**Noting to myself, MUST. WASH. THAT. BLANKET.

Well, not an hour later Will and Jack were on the couch watching the latest episode of something or other. And once again the natives are hollering for me. "Moooooooooom!!!!"

(By the way, are you sensing a  pattern here? Again. No judging. Excellent students remember. 
Forget ABCMouse or whatever that program is.....just send them to my house where they can watch endless hours of TV and come out on top. Winning.)

Once again I walk in to hear Jack telling Will, "Don't worry, he's just "scratching" your blanket."


Clearly Beau is distraught his owner has left him and he is self-soothing. 

If little Beau keeps this up he may end up in a rubbermaid tote too.

I kid, I kid.

I promise Mom.

He's fine.

For now.

Maybe I should leave the TV on for him when I leave?

Beau. Who clearly lacks self-control.

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