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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Of Mice And Men...or Women...Specifically Me.

So, as many of you know I had a car accident in early July. 
Unfortunately it was Me-0, Airbag-1
I had a splint put on my arm, followed by surgery and another splint. 

Well, during this time I had many many many well wishers and I received many many cards, magazines, and treats! (shoutout to those folks....thank you!)

I pretty much spent the first two weeks post-accident in a Percocet coma. 

If I saw you, chances are I don't remember...it was much like my early college years all over again. 

So anyhoo, I kept my little stash of goodies right there in the bed beside me. 
Like I said....there was lots of Percocet and I didn't want to stumble around (apparently in college I wasn't worried about stumbling around). 

On one particular night I was having an awful time sleeping, I had taken all necessary meds to numb the pain but I could NOT get comfortable. 

After tossing and turning I had finally gotten to the almost coma state....where you are almost asleep, you can feel it, but there is some little part of your brain that has not been shut down yet.

Well that little "not shut down part of my brain" heard a rustling sound. Like a wrapper. At first I was almost too sleepy to care. But it kept going.

I heard it again.

Crackle, crackle.

Rustle, rustle. 


Well, I rolled over to see.....and lo and behold there was a mouse in my bed.

Yes, a mouse.

In. My. Bed.

Beside me.


Trying to break into my Twizzlers!!
(sidenote: who knew mice liked Twizzlers!?!?)

I immediately grabbed a small pillow and tried to swat at the mouse.

Who then proceeded to scamper away behind my bed.

I frantically stumbled out of the room to find Jeff who had resorted to sleeping on the couch (due to my candy takeover in the bed).

I screamed, "THERE WAS A MOUSE IN THE BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He looked at me bleary eyed and mumbled, "What?!?! A mouse in the bed?? Are you sure?!?"

I am fairly certain he thought it was the Percocet talking. 

Needless to say I was not happy about this little creature trying to snuggle up with me, but thankfully due to the Percocet it wasn't all that hard to fall back asleep.

(This was after having Jeff set approximately 27 mouse traps around our house. Actually it was more like 12. I think. The details are blurry....)

Well, wouldn't you know I dreamed all night that the stupid mouse was sneaking up in my bed, stealing the "stuffing" out of my splint to make himself a home behind my bed.

Needless to say we never caught the mouse.

And I threw the Twizzlers away. 

Stupid mouse.

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