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Friday, August 12, 2011

Crisco. It's for more than just making icing.

So, what does one do when their child decides to place their arm down the hole of a small toy???
Case in point: Yesterday Carter, my 3 year-old decided to see if she could fit her arm down the hole of the "Busy Ball Popper". You may ask yourself, what is this toy, I do not know what she speaks of. See Exhibit A.

After many failed attempts at simply pulling it out, I realized we had a dilema. I either saw off her arm (probably not the best idea) or we head to the local emergency room (or wherever one might go when their child places their arm inside a small toy). I played the ER scenario in my head and thought these people are going to think I am nuts...

Alas, I had an idea...what sort of greasy substance might I have laying around???

I had recently made the kids birthday cakes and remembered that I had Crisco in the cabinet. You know, good 'ol fashioned lard. See exhibit B.

Sure enough...after a few slabs of crisco she was free... Free at last, free at last.... Thank the Lord she was free at last. This momma was not looking forward to truckin' three kids to the ER, with one screaming because her hand was wedged inside a small toy.

So, as "Heloise" would say. I have now discovered another handy use of Crisco...besides it just adding inches to your waistline.
("Helpful Hints from Heloise"....for those of you not following along. Google it.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. who would have thought crisco could be so useful! good thing you thought of this... she doesn't like the car seat anyway... much less with that thing attached! or think of her walloping jack or will with that thing on her arm!! oops! lol!