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Monday, August 22, 2011

Free At Last...Free At Last...

...from my kids that is.
Don't get me wrong...I love them. But it has been a LOOOONG summer! Momma had reached the end of her rope. The bickering, the constant eating, the cries of boredom, and everything else had momma doing cartwheels when the school doors opened!
Jack actually started first. And it true third child fashion I have no pictures. Poor kid, he's likely to look back and wonder if he was even a part of the family. And in all honesty that may not be a bad thing.
Here's a grainy cell phone pic of Jack on a recent boat trip we took... Ya know, I need to at least include him in the post. Don't want him thinking he was adopted...

Next up was my big kindergartner, Will. He started last week and was of course a breeze to get out the door. He is the one who jumps out of bed at 6:45 am with no problems...unlike his momma. He had a great few days last week and really loves his new class.

Finally, sis started today. We laid out the outfit last night. This is where I am SO GLAD that we are at a private school where picking out your outfit consists of khaki or navy bottoms and a red, white, navy, blue, or light blue shirt. Sis picked out a white shirt with a navy skirt...and I even managed to get her to pick out a coordinating navy and white polka dot bow (no small feat considering the girl has a 100+ bow collection that seems to be growing dust these days). The hardest part, believe or not, is the SOCKS! I mean seriously, you can only wear white socks...how hard is it?!?
Welllll, if you're Carter it is your least favorite piece of the school uniform. Luckily we had some very snazzy silver sparkly shoes that I used to distract her from the daunting task of picking out the exact perfect pair of white socks out of the 10 identical pair we have.

I awoke this morning with a pit of dread in my stomach... Will she cooperate? Will she wake up (this is the kid who like to sleep in...much like her momma)? Will she wear the white socks that we picked out? Will I really get her to wear the bow? (I know....we are talking life changing things here...)

Sure enough the "get ready for school gods" were in our favor and the morning went great.
(Note I totally had to pretend I was texting on my phone in order to get this picture of her. She really knows how to push my buttons. All I wanted was photo documentation that she indeed let me put a ponytail in and she did indeed wear white socks)

Now we only have to repeat it 100+ more times this year... Something tells me there will be battles ahead...

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  1. hilarious! good luck picking out all the other outfits!!! believe me... you will need it!!! we change our minds EVERY morning!!! aaahhh!!