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Monday, August 29, 2011

Randomness...because I can't come up with a better title.

Ok, so in true blogger failure fashion...I am already behind on my posting AND I have not taken any decent pics to post. And we all know that the key to a successful blog is great pictures.
And why do I say "we ALL" like I have this huge following... I mean I know of one faithful reader. One. That may be it. And I know she likes pictures. So consider me a failure.
But one day...one day I tell ya, I am going to have a whole lotta followers. Like 10 maybe, or maybe even 15. But until that day comes, it's just you and me my faithful reader.

Soooo, in lieu of fabulous pics from my fancy camera I will share with you a few random cell phone shots.
And to make it even more boring I am going to present the following to you in numerical fashion. Because that my friends...er, friend, is how I roll.

1. So you should know, I am a HUGE weather nerd. Which makes the last week and weekend super exciting for me! I followed Jim Cantore of the weather channel on TV, on Twitter, on Facebook... I was glued to the madness that was Hurricane Irene. In addition, I also LOVE reality TV, especially Bethenny Frankel, originally of the Real Housewives on NYC. Well, my two LOVES collided this weekend when Bethenny decided to venture out in NYC and photograph storm damage and send it out via the Twitter universe. It was great!
And one reason I LOVE Bethenny even more is because she sent this pic of herself out in the mess... No hair and makeup necessary like most "celebrities"...just being real.
LOVE her.

2. I live on a country road...winding roads, blind hills, critters at every turn. It ain't no picnic driving this road and is especially nerve wracking when you add this:

I mean, really people!?!?! This is not the Tour De France or anything...we have roads with bike lanes around here. This is just asking to get taken out by a mad momma in a minivan...
So what usually takes me 10 minutes took me about 20 since I had to ride slowly behind all 25 of them! I may or may not have laid on the horn once I was FINALLY able to pass.

3. IKEA. Have you all (or you, my one reader) been there? Well, let me tell ya, if you haven't you should go! It is a cool store with so may organizational things, storage ideas, gadgets, and more. The best thing is, it's cheap! You can even design your own kitchen, bath, or closet with them! So cool! I loved this kitchen...the glass lighted cabinets on the island and the multi-levels of the island especially!
I'll be filing this little pic away for one rainy day when we decide to build again...

4. Have ya'll (again, with the thinking I have many followers) ever had the random guy holler at you as you are driving down the road?? I mean who are these guys?! I wanna be like, hey buddy, what do you want me to do? Jump out of my mini-van while careening down this road at 55mph while I leave my three children in the car?? And #2, do you really think a four tone rusty pick-up without a muffler is more tempting than this mini-van full of kids (ok, don't answer that).
I didn't snap a pic, but here is a similar visual.

5. I really don't have a number 5...
However, the children have gone quiet in the basement. Never a good sign. It's a toss up whether I go down or whether I should check in on Pinterest. Have ya'll discovered that? That's a whole other post.


  1. You now have another faithful follower. I love the way you "type". Great stories! The more random the better!!

  2. Haha!! Thank you Sarah!! :) I try and word it as if I'm having a conversation... Which doesn't always come out right... But in my head it always sounds good! ;)

  3. ok... LOVE the picture you found of the hollerer! I'm sure in other parts of the country- they may look a lot better than this! (and then it may be worth doing what you described!) but nope- not here in our neck of the woods!!