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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Road Trippin'

I don't have a lot for ya today...or that's what I say now. We'll see if I reach the 1000 character point...I've been known to ramble.

First off, let me say y'all need to pray for me. I know I just asked for prayer for the dentist but this is a close second.
I am taking a 9 HOUR car trip with all 3 kiddos and the hub's grandparents.
You see, this could be disastrous on a number of levels...

Take for instance Jack's disdain for the carseat. It's as if I am placing him in some sort of torture trap...the screaming begins as soon as I place him in there, then I must wrestle him as he slithers and wiggles until I can get him harnessed in. I mean really, what is it with the carseat?!? It's not a bad thing kid! It keeps ya safe! Now consider he'll be riding in there for 9 HOURS.
My plan is to just keep pitchin' food back there...

Secondly, let's talk about the DVD player. Y'all know that when the kids watch the DVDs you must LISTEN to the DVDs. I could possibly remain semi-sane if I wasn't forced to listen to Dora, Scooby, and the ultimate whiner, Caliou for 9 HOURS.
Hmmm...wonder if I can wear earpbuds and use the ipod?
"I'm sorry officer, it is much safer for the other motorists on the road if I listen to this than if I am forced to hear the Wonder Pets theme song again..."

Then there is this.
Now don't get me wrong...I adore the hubs grandma.
Love her.
However...she REALLY REALLY likes her Estee Lauder "Beautiful" perfume. I mean REALLY likes it. And let me tell ya...my allergies?? They really REALLY DO NOT like it. I think I may have to implement a windows open clause for the first hour or so, as to air the mini out. Otherwise I may be wearing earbuds and a gas mask.
I kid.
Sort of.

So needless to say...as always...it should be an adventure!

In other news Jack has this strange thing about pointing to all men and saying, "Dada".
This can make for awkward times in Walmart.
No sir, he's not yours. Don't worry.

And then there is Carter...
She is learning Spanish at school.
She believes all people who may look slightly different than her speak Spanish.
Case in point: We were at the ballpark the other day and a woman of Asian decent walked by. Carter looks at me and says, "Look mama, we should speak Spanish to her". Loudly.
As she points at her.

More awkward times.

And I thought the only awkward stage was middle school.
Apparently not.

Happy Tuesday...may your day be free of embarrassment!


  1. wow -- that was awesome! good luck!

  2. Deuce does the same thing. He is obsessed with anyone from another country and is not afraid to scream at them. "MOM, do you think they are from China or Japan?"