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Monday, October 3, 2011

Crowns and Fleas...

...but not fleas wearing crowns because that would be odd.

So I survived my dentist appointment last Wednesday...well, obviously I did, because I am writing you, but I mean I really survived it.
Remember that little blue happy pill?
Yeah, neither do I...
Nor do I remember the appointment, driving home, rather my mom driving me home...or the various stops we made on the way home. In fact I don't even really remember being at my son's tball game last Wednesday night.

Needless to say the little blue pill indeed worked it's magic.

Thankfully Mom didn't put up a YouTube video of me...she did post a picture on FB of me and the clown cone from Baskin Robbins I insisted she get me on the way home.
After the Baskin Robbins stop I apparently also made her stop at Fresh Market. I love Fresh Market....even when I'm sober...apparently under the effects of the little blue pill I really like it. I am sure it was a glorious trip to the market...I really do adore that place and all their yummy food. It's so fresh. And it's a market. A great combo if you ask me.

Like I said, the tball game that night is a little fuzzy too...I remember bringing my bag of popcorn (from the Fresh Market), gourmet mind you, to the tball game and not sharing with the little kids... I mean come on kids, let's leave the five dollar gourmet to me, you take the dollar box from the concession stand.
Anyhoo, no one looked at me funny at yesterday's game so I must have acted semi-normal Wednesday night (that, or they think I always act like I'm crazy...perhaps they shouldn't answer that).

And the dental saga continues...I am going back to the endodontist tomorrow so he can "finish up"...I had to call and find out when exactly this appointment was...I had a hard time remembering when I made the appointment. I asked the girl about the little blue happy pill and she told me I wouldn't need it. Hmmmm... I hope she is sure about that.

In the meantime the temporary crown came off yesterday...might have been that piece of licorice I was having...I plead the fifth. I am carrying it around in my purse in a ziploc bag, they told me not to try and re adhere it with denture cream (my idea...that I thought was brilliant.) She told me I might swallow it.
I wonder if I could put it under my pillow. I have had my eyes on a new pair of brown boots... What's the tooth fairy paying these days???

Now on to fleas.
I wish I had a prettier transition.
I don't.
I mean, it's fleas.
There is no way to "pretty" that up.

We have three dogs. And it appears all have been taken over by fleas.
I took them to the (not so cheap) groomer last week to have this little problem fixed. She gave them some little pill...not a little blue happy pill...a get rid of fleas to make your owner happy pill...
She said they'd be gone in 30 minutes, then they'd bathe them and shave them and call me for pickup.

Fast forward a week later...the fleas are still here. In abundance.
It's like they are retaliating against me. You took out our brothers, sisters, and cousins with that tiny pill...we'll show you!
The ultimate is when I went to take a sip of my coffee yesterday and I found one who had decided to drown his sorrows in caffeine. Yes, right there in my coffee.
I called the hubby immediately and said it's me or the fleas. They will not win!
Sooooo, the dogs have an appointment with the vet in the morning. And the house has a date with a flea bomb.

I'm not sure what a flea bomb is but at this moment it sounds divine. So we will exit the building, er, house tomorrow and detonate the bomb.

May no flea be left alive.

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