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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pass the happy pills...

I'm off to the dentist.
Well, not the dentist, the endodontist.
I am not even sure what that means.
I do not like the dentist.
I do not like the endodontist. (I already know...I can tell)
I did not like the orthodontist. (Back in HS...man, the pain after they'd tighten those braces...they robbed me of all the fun I could have had with that stick of laffy taffy)

I think it's safe to say I am not a fan of all things ending in "tist".

Sure there are those places that offer you warm milk & cookies, hand massages, vibrating chairs, etc.
HA! Yeah right, that does not change the fact you are coming at me with a drill people.

So I'm ashamed to admit that today is my third appointment.
The first one I cancelled.
I had a mom event and I did NOT want to miss my precious kid free mom time to let some guy drill in my mouth. Where's the fun in that!?!

I cancelled the second because one of the kids had a stomach bug. It may or may not have been at least 48 hours earlier....but hey, who's counting???

Today is the appointment. I couldn't bail again. What would they think!?!

Who am I kidding?? I have already called twice to cancel, three times to ask what exactly they will be doing today, and twice asking what exactly they give for pain/anxiety...

When I called to ask for an explanation of the procedure and what they give the nice lady on the phone said, "oh don't worry, we have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and Dr. so & so probably won't even have to do it...it will just be like a routine root canal..."

There is no such thing as a ROUTINE ROOT CANAL.
You are speaking to the person who had an IV for the first root canal. (that did not take mind you...and that is how I got into this little predicament)
Um, no.
I will need something a little more.

So, PTL, I am about to take a little blue "happy pill".
Mom is driving me.
I have already warned her, if I end up on YouTube she is off the Christmas list...and grounded from her grand kids.

Oh my word the nerves...
I can't even focus on the US Weekly Mom brought me to read...times they are tough.
Ok, gotta run...my "happy pill" and I have a date.

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  1. Oh no, Ashley, what happened to the first one from GJH???? I will pray you get good meds and don't remember a thing, my friend!