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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being a Mom is work.

Sometimes I wish I had an office door. One that I could go in and close. And "escape" for just a quick little two minute recharge. However, when you stay at home with your kids you can't do that.
Here is a sample of today:
-Up at 6:30, dress kids, feed them breakfast, wash their faces, put everyone's coats on (because we are having winter weather in September)
-Send Will out the door with Daddy
-Take Carter & Jack with me to meeting at church. Which involves dropping them off in two separate locations at church (known to some at "Six Flags over Jesus"...love my church, but it's a haul)
-Pick Carter & Jack up from opposite ends of the universe, haul tail over to school to get in carpool line to pick up Will
-Remember that I need milk
-Stop at store to get milk...and then 80 more additional dollars worth of groceries
-Run home, make 12 trips to and from car to get all said children, backpacks, coats, cups from this morning, groceries, and such inside. All while (because we stopped instead of immediately eating)all 3 said children are screaming that they're hungry.
-Then must immediately put all frozen and cold foods away...while simultaneously getting out various ingredients for a healthy lunch (hotdogs).
-Feed children, meanwhile Jack (because he took no nap at church) is screaming...
-Get all lunch plates off counter and put away before one of the various dogs roaming the house jumps up on table and pulls plate on floor
-Pick up screaming child who now needs his diaper changed, take him upstairs, change diaper, put to bed.
-Remember that hubs said to take herbie to curb as I hear the garbage truck rattle by (ooops)
-Finish cleaning up from lunch, go through backpacks, empty lunch sacks/snacks
-Look at phone and realize I've missed two calls and three texts. Sorry, I will get back to you
-For a moment I think I can sit down, but then a kid needs "assistance" in the bathroom
-Speaking of which I think I need to go to the bathroom....have I done that today??
This of course always requires an audience.
Me: "Yes, Carter we can read the pretty princess book as soon as mommy is out of the bathroom"
-Is that the doorbell???
Oh, thank you mailman, the package I was waiting on has arrived... I really hope you did not wake up the sleeping baby though or you will have to trade me places.
Wow, I could totally do that, drive around, listen to whatever I wanted on the radio, flip through the magazines that people have ordered on my lunch break (just kidding, I wouldn't do that...unless it was a really good US Weekly or Life & Style). Go to the bathroom in peace. Ahhhh, maybe I missed my calling.

I mean really, it is the hardest job. People don't lie.
But I love it. And I choose it. And I adore it.

I recently read a devotional that reflected on how much work we as moms do. How we feel like we are bogged down and pulled in 100 different directions and that no one notices what we do. However, we serve "The God Who Sees" (Gen. 16:13). Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you are making a difference in your child's life. So I just want you to know that you are valuable in the life of your child! Keep up the good work! :)


  1. You read my mind sister friend. And I just signed up to be with my kids all the time for 17 more years. By then they will be taking me to the potty!!