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Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Friend "Suzie"

So the other day I was sitting in the car line waiting to pick up Carter. I always enjoy these last few moments of serenity, especially on the days I don't have Jack with me. I can sit in the mini, rock out to the music I want to, browse Facebook or Twitter or read a magazine...you know, all the stuff, we as Moms, NEVER get to do.
Soon enough it was time to pick up the little people though, so I kicked the mini into high gear (aka turn the Toy Story movie back on, put down the cell phone, flip down the name tag). As the van door opened I could hear Carter already telling me about her day. It went something like this: Hi momma.Do you know we did today.We have a new friend.Her name is Suzie.She lives in a mud hut.They have holes in their walls.They use newspaper to cover the holes.They don't have annnnnnny food or annnnny water.They need money for medicine to make their hair grow.She is gonna be our friend.We are gonna pray for her.
And that was all before I even got the door completely closed.
When she got in she pulled out a tiny picture of a little girl who looked to be about 8 or so and on the back it said, "Susan". I asked her if this was her new friend. She gave me that exasperated look that she likes to give and in very dramatic fashion said, "Uh, yeah Momma, I JUST told you that. That is Suzie and we are going to pray for her".
Evidently her music teacher has a heart for the children of Africa and her class has "adopted" some of the children from a local village. They are going to correspond with each other and learn more about each other. And like Carter told me, pray for each other. I LOVE THIS.
I admit, I have not been great about praying with my kids at night, especially Carter. In the evenings things are so hectic, you know it begins with what I call the "witching" hour...trying to get dinner done, everyone fed, then on to baths, then brushing teeth, going potty, getting everything setup for the next day, reading a quick book, one more glass of water, one more trip to the potty. Quite frankly, I am just ready to turn out the light and call it a day.
So I have to thank our friend, "Suzie". Suzie has caused us to slow down a little at night, to make time for a quick prayer. Which in turn has taught us all a little more about compassion, thankfulness, and loving others. Our prayers aren't lengthy or complicated, usually they are quite simple. They also open up conversation and questions that other wise in the hustle and bustle I may brush off with the typical mom answer, "uh-huh, yes honey...".
So last night Carter tells me she is going to have sweet Suzie over for a sleepover, I kiss her head and tell her that is a great idea. Who knows if we will ever meet our Suzie. But I hope she knows that we are praying for her.
Our door is always open...and our princess sleeping bag is always available.


  1. Wonder. Full. Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

  2. So sweet! You're doing a great job with this!!