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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well This Is Just Weird

I am currently conducting a secret undercover covert operation...
Ok, so it's really not as exciting as it seems, but it is definitely puzzling.

I mean I conduct CoveOps (you like that lingo, don't you??) everyday.
We all do...especially us Moms.

For instance...
-There is "Operation Missing Sock". I conduct this one on a bi-weekly basis. In fact, anytime I do laundry. It never fails, there is always a missing mate.
And I like the motto, leave no man behind...er, no sock behind.

-There is "Operation Where Did That Tiny Lego Go That Jack Put In His Mouth".
You don't wanna know how this one turns out. Or shall we say comes out.

- And of course there is the trusty 'ol, "What In The World Am I Gonna Fix For Dinner Mission?".
This one involves carefully examining the ingredients you have before you...slightly frost bitten chicken, a box of hamburger helper (but no hamburger meat), leftover pizza....or of course, hotdogs.

-And then I'd be remiss to mention, "Operation I Am Not a Short Order Cook, You Will Eat What I Fix you....And You Will Not Appear Magically Hungry At 8PM, Which Is Conveniently Bedtime".
This one y'all, it's a hard one. It involves a lot of blood, sweat, and tears...well, not really all that, but it ain't pretty.

Ok, you get my drift.

Anyhow, the current mission is this.

I feel like I should whisper this and you should lean in close.
But I just had fiery chipotle salsa for dinner and I don't wanna catch your eyebrows on fire.
Not that I am really in front of you.
I'm on your computer screen.
Well, not really ON it per se...
Ok, you get it.

So yesterday I received a baby shower invitation in the mail.
For someone I don't know.
I also do not know the hostess.
Hand addressed. To my house. To me.
From people I DO NOT know.


So I think to myself, maybe it's from someone in my husband's family.
Cause let me tell y'all they are large and in charge. Every time we have a family function I meet another long lost relative I've never met before. (and we have been together 11 years)
I still remember at my bridal shower there were so many people I didn't know who to look at and thank after I opened a gift.
I kinda did the whole..."thank you Aunt Susie"...as I skimmed the crowd with my eyes, not making direct contact with anyone.
Plus, who makes the new girl sit in the middle of a circle of 50 older ladies and open all the gifts anyway. It was like I was a chimpanzee at the Cincinnati zoo. I almost died of embarrassment.
But I did get the Williams Sonoma cake stand I had been coveting.

Sorry the train o' thoughts has derailed once again.

Long story short, nope, not the husband's family.
Nope, not my family.
Did the whole FB research thing, not friends on there either...she doesn't even look familiar.

The covert operation continues...

Btw, the invitation is really cute and they're even doing an exciting gender reveal at 2:30 PM...maybe I should show up for that.
Plus, it just dawned me...there might be some tasty treats...and cake... Momma loves some cake.
Ahhhhh, this is looking promising after all.
Now what do you get a complete stranger???


  1. OOOH, I would so go. Did you google the hosts name or the mom's name?

  2. I know what you are saying about sitting in a circle opening gifts and not knowing who to look at!! I had a baby shower like that and it was so overwhelming--I cried in the car on the way home (prego hormones). I have vowed to never do that to anyone. Haha. Good luck with your shower invite, very strange......