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Monday, September 26, 2011

FREE Minivan To Good Home

There was a free van giveaway last Wednesday. Did you all miss it?
There wasn't much advertising.
In fact there was no advertising.

I went to meet a good friend over at David's Bridal to try on bridesmaid dresses. Have ya'll ever done that...it's like a whole room of taffeta and bright colors all rolled into one. It's enough to tickle the fancy of any one of those mom's from Toddler and Tiaras...

After trying on several different numbers...short, poofy, long, strapless, a line, one shoulder, gray black, purple, pink, orange...the bride settled on a perfectly acceptable little black strapless number that REALLY can be worn again. I always hate those brides that say (and I was one of them), "Oh don't worry, you can wear this again". Yeah right. Where? To the 1980 Prom flashback?

So anyhoo, after the dress was chosen the bride wanted to check out The Hobby Lobby. I am sad to say that prior to this trip she thought Hobby Lobby was a sporting goods store.
I know.
We are trying to diversify her to the ways of the world.

After a brief run through the Christmas section (that has been up since mid-May) and the wedding section we were off to choose the flowers.

After the flower shop...which was all the way on the other side of town, we ran by the rental store, also on the other end of town.

About 5 hours after I had pulled up at the bridal store we pulled back in the parking lot so that the bride could drop me back at my van. When we pulled in she looked at my van and said, "Are your windshield wipers going?".

Now. This does not bode well for either of us. Because...

a) she even asked it, like it was a legitimate question
b) I answered, with a, "ooops, yeah, I must have left them on"

Um, yeah, I left them on all right.
I left the car running.
With the keys conveniently located right there in the cup holder.

Sadly the most disturbing thing to me was that I had JUST FILLED UP WITH GAS. And my tank was now HALF EMPTY! I hate paying for gas. I mean I have no problem spending 20 bucks on a great top at Tarjay...but I mean 20 bucks, that's only like a quarter tank of gas these days. Seriously, wouldn't you rather have a cute top over a tank of gas!?!?

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly...ok not really...I am still mad about wasting a whole half tank of gas.
I left my van running!!!
It could have been gone.
I can see explaining that one to the husband. "Um, sorry honey, I don't know what happened...the car thieves must have really wanted the van. What?? Noooooo, I didn't leave it running with the keys in it!!! Why would I do something like that!?!?".

I can only believe it wasn't stolen. Because...

a) it's a minivan. I mean come on. I don't even want to be driving it, but that 3rd kid really made it difficult to do much else.

b) ground in cheerios, goldfish, a three day old sippy cup and stickers all over the window kind of devalue it on the black market

c)some dude probably looked in there saw the carseats and was afraid the kids that belong in them were lying in wait. Ready to pounce on him and eat him alive. Much like they do to me each day between 4 & 7 PM.

Thank you to the mini-van gods who saved my little Sienna that day from uncertain doom. I am forever grateful.


  1. Jeremy would ground me from driving if I did that. Holy crap.

  2. ok- seriously.. this is hysterical!!!

  3. Found your blog through your Stuff Christians Like link. This post is sooooo funny!! Sorry about the gas loss, but it made for a hilarious post!! I know you are just so thankful it wasn't gone!!

  4. Hey Niki, welcome! LOVE SCL...Jon is hilarious! :)