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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've never really been a fan of Huggies and their attempt at making the diaper hip. I mean going outside the box on diapers, I don't know if that's the best idea. A jean diaper, really?!?! Isn't that kind of like the pajama jean? I mean the thought of making jeans really comfortable is great and all...but are jeans really supposed to be comfortable? (definitely not knocking the pajama jean lovers out there. I am a proud snuggie owner...I really don't see that as being much better).
But alas....Huggies may just be on to something brilliant these days. Huggies Slip Ons. Now I get that it's really just a smaller glorified version of the pull-up...or a larger glorified version of Depends...but heck, it's where we start and end people so let's not shy away from the many styles of diapers we have to choose from.
I'll tell ya why I think this may just be the most amazing thing yet...
It's because when I go to change Jack's diaper it's like wrestling a barracuda.
That's on crack.

I mean I just go to get the diaper out and he's screaming like a nut! Then of course I have to try and bribe him with a shiny toy...or if I am desperate the TV remote. When I finally get him into position he hurtles the toy at my face and lets out a blood curdling scream. Then I must use every arm, leg, forearm, and elbow to pin him down in order to get the old diaper off. In the meantime I scramble to find another toy for him as he squirms out from under my leg and flips over slithering from my grasp. I'm tellin' ya it's like someone lathered him up with Crisco...
At this point I am sweating.
I finally give up, let him "air dry" for a moment.
Then he pees.
On the oriental rug. (at least it's a dark busy fabric...it'll hide the stain)

You see, I have what Huggies terms, an Acrobutt:

(sorry, mr. linky refused to cooperate...you'll have to do a good 'ol fashioned copy & paste if ya wanna see what I mean...)

So you know what, I may just have to jump on the Huggies bandwagon and join the latest diaper movement. After all, I can only wrestle the barracuda so many times before I just give up. (or have to break down and get the rug professionally cleaned)
There has to be an easier way.
I can not be defeated by my 14 moth-old.
Look out Jack, there is a new diaper in town.
And it's coming for you.

**See how happy that Mom is. She knows her rug and her sanity is safe.


  1. I LOVE these. They are so much more absorbant than pullups, but so easy to get one. Also, if Josie does decide to sit on the potty, they refasten better than pullups!! BIG FAN

  2. Yea, Charlotte would just pull those things right off! They don't show the mom wrestling her kicking and screaming child while trying to put the legs through the holes. Just sayin... But if you end up loving these things, you'll make a believer out of me!