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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

Ahhhh yes, it is that time of year again.
Time to get all the kiddos dressed and out the door in order to fill them with sugar just before bedtime.
On a school night.
Who makes these decisions?!!
What's wrong with doing this on the Friday before Halloween??

Anyhoo, it appears we have an 11th hour decision here in the house...
(which btw, why is it called 11th hour?? Why wouldn't it be 23rd hour?? As in the last hour in the day??)
It appears Carter has had a change of heart, she no longer wants to be Batgirl.
She wants to be a purple fairy.
I can't even fake a purple fairy at this point!
We are at the 23rd hour kid!

Not to mention I cannot walk.
Really, I can't.
You see there was this 5K back on Saturday.
And you must also see that I am NOT, I repeat NOT a runner.
However, no one wants to appear like the weak link in their group so I did do a little running intermixed with brisk walking.
And let me tell you...
I. am. paying. for. it.

It started with my hips...moved down to my knees...and now I have the shin splints straight from Hades.
Last night I took a hot bath, rubbed myself down with Icy Hot, put a heating pad on my back and iced my knees.
Pretty sure my hubby thinks I'm a wimp.
Perhaps I should go as great Aunt Edna for Halloween.
Someone get me a walker!

(I think the Icy Hot fumes are getting to me....)

Speaking of fumes, I think the exterminator fumes may be SLOWLY working...
I have set up some homemade flea traps and our numbers are beginning to dwindle...
Let's just hope the fleas don't outlive Kim Kardashian's marriage.
72 days is just too long to live with fleas.

Happy Halloween...hope it's full of treats and not tricks!

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  1. Lainey decided that instead of a horsegirl, she wanted to be a painter. Mom got her this cute red hatfrom the goodwill that looked like a painter's beret to her. Anyway, while she was napping, I took an old tshirt of mine and smeared it with paint for her smock, and I made a painter's board for her. NOPE! she wore regular clothes, the hat and carried a paint brush