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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday...

I can't sleep.
It is an odd phenomenon that has overtaken me lately.
You see...I LOVE sleep.
No, really, I LOVE sleep.
But I can't shake the feeling lately when I lay down that there are bugs jumping around everywhere...I start scratching and can't stop...
(one day I hope to post again without the mention of any insects...I am certain that day is coming. It's just not here yet)

So in honor of my lack of sleep I am starting a new post called "Ten Things Tuesday". I would be remiss if I didn't think that "Ten Things Tuesday" may not last. I hate to commit to an every week post because let's face it. Life happens. There are kids, dogs, husbands, fleas... This could be a one time post or it could it turn into "Ten Things Friday", which doesn't exactly have the same ring to it. Anyhoo, let's give it a go.

Today's "Ten Things Tuesday" post: Fall Fashion


The poncho.

A staple for every Fall wardrobe. Plus it looks so cozy.


The brown riding boot.

I am STILL searching for the perfect pair. My sister has these and she loves them. Can't beat the price either!


Cute Peacoat.

Love this. So cute. Love the ruffle detail. The color. Just adorable!


The Fur Vest.

Now, I don't know that I could pull off this look...for a number of reasons. First off, the whole flea issue...this appears to be a flea magnet if you ask me. However, it's a Rachel Zoe pick....and I LOVE her. Plus, it's kind of quirky and different...but that's also why I love it.


Cute Flat.

You can't beat a cute flat...especially when carting around numerous children. Love the color and I'm a sucker for the animal prints....


The Ruana.

Yeah. I didn't know what a ruana was either. I had to consult with google. Basically it's a glorified poncho. Or according to wikipedia it is a poncho in most Spanish speaking countries and worldwide but it's a ruana in cold regions of Columbia and Venezuela. (You learn all kinds of things these days....)

And we are back to the brown boot.

I really just need to commit. I have so many saved on pinterest. I seriously have commitment issues...with brown boots.


The Infinity Scarf.

I am seeing these everywhere. A good scarf is a must. And what better than one that is infinite. And in animal print.


Soiree Studs.

I am not sure why this picture is so small. But if you squint you can make them out.
Or save yourself the trouble and just click on the link.
These aren't necessarily a Fall trend...but I LOVE these. I have them and I wear them everyday. They are perfect for dressing up or down. I am such a sucker for Stella & Dot...


Fun Nail Color.

I have never been able to pull off nail color. I think it comes from never having nails that grow... And now of course I wash my hands a billion times a day, change diapers, and do all sorts of other mommy duties that would cause this polish to last...oh, let's say....5 minutes. Plus, I CANNOT paint my own nails. I am not sure how people do it. I can get my left hand looking pretty good, but the right hand....well, it looks like I let my 16 month-old paint them.

That about wraps it up folks.
Happy shopping.
I am off to bed.

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  1. I think dark nails look good. Maybe I think that because I Have short nails. Also, I love Rachel Zoe too, but cannot do thar vest. I feel like it would make me itch. Not that I am a fashion icon or anything