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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sometimes my coffee makes me feel like superwoman...

So, call me crazy...but sometimes when I have my cup of coffee in the morning I feel like a superhero. Like I can accomplish anything. Do ya'll get that? Or is it just me...and maybe the fact I can finally breathe out of my left nostril. Btw, nostril is one of those words that I could do without...

Let me warn you now...I have a feeling this is one of those posts where I ramble on about nothing... Consider yourself warned.

So we are in the midst of Fall break over here...not sure who started this whole fall break thing...I mean when I was a kid we didn't have fall break...we walked to school, in the snow, uphill both ways...
Evidently my kids didn't get the memo.
It's fall break.
You sleep late.
You don't wake up before 7, jump on my bed, and demand fruit loops and juice...embrace your break children, love it, don't resist the temptation to sleep until 9.
Who am I kidding?

In other unrelated news...the fleas.
Oh the fleas.
I broke open the box to do the fogger treatment and it seemed a tad complicated. Something about turning off pilot lights, taping up windows, moving furniture off the carpet. Ohmaword. The complicated-ness of it all. It overwhelms me. Even in my coffee superhero state.

So I did what any sane person would do.
I called the professionals.
So fleas be warned, the pest man has your number.
Your days are numbered.

Speaking of pests...there are these people who call my land line all the time. Now it's funny that we even have a land line. The ringer is NEVER on. The machine fills up constantly so if you do call and I haven't deleted the inbox there is no way to leave us a message. And I am pretty certain the actual cordless phone (ya'll remember those right???) that goes on the dock is missing...I let Jack play with it one day in a moment of desperation and I haven't seen it since. What did we do before cell phones?? I could spend days on that topic.

So anyway, I decided I'd clear off the machine and make room for all those people who call us on our landline.
Well, one would think we don't even own the landline because ALL THE MESSAGES WERE FOR SOMEONE ELSE!
I'm going to call her Pamela Smith to protect her identity...because you know one of the three people that read my blog may know the real person...
It is some crazy automated man and sometimes woman who sounds very angry that Pamela is not calling them back. They always use big fancy words, like "arbitrary matter", "grave situation", "imperative that you call us back"...etc etc...
So I don't know where Pam is but she should know David Wells and Debra Stevens are NOT happy with her.


I'll end on the fact we are having what the weather peeps are calling an Indian Summer... I LOVE it. LOVE it.
It does make wardrobe choices a tad difficult.
The 40 degree drop over the course of 12 hours is always tricky.
Layering is the key.
Cardi over the tee in the morning. Lose the cardi in the afternoon when it hits 80. Then back to the cardi when the sun goes down.
Now on particularly warm days it would be nice to have those zip away pants.
Pants in the morning.
Zip off the legs in the afternoon.
Zip on the legs in the evening.

Something tells me those aren't the best fashion choice though. I think one has to shop out of Cabela's catalog or the likes to wear that sort of thing. Not to knock Cabela's...I'm just not the outdoorsy type.
Camping...not my thing.
Camping at the Hyatt with room service....right down my alley.

Once again....thank you for reading this far. I'm going to go refill my coffee and adjust my superhero cape.


  1. FYI, Jeremy has a pair of zip away pants that got with his scout leader uniform....

  2. You are so funny! Does that cape have ruffles? ;)